Yoga in Schools

Happy At Heart offers yoga and mindfulness classes for nurseries, primary and secondary schools in Central London. Yoga during or after school will help children to focus better, release stress and build confidence.

With increasing awareness in the news and media around the growing need to support children through the demands of school and exams, yoga and mindfulness provide a safe, fun way to learn methods to reduce stress and anxiety, increase attention, and to boost memory and mental health.

In these engaging and non-competitive classes they will gain flexibility and strength while developing skills such as communication, cooperation and compassion which are essential for success in life and in schools.

Current Collaborations:

  • Eaton Square Upper School
  • Golborne & Maxilla Nursery
  • Kensington Wade
  • Knightsbridge School
  • The Garden House

If you would like to find out more about how a Yoga and Mindfulness Club could work in your school or nursery, please feel free to get in touch.

Private Yoga Classes

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Yoga in Schools

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Therapeutic Yoga

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