Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic yoga is available to support physical or psychological therapy, and for children with special needs. We work in partnership with hospitals, children physiotherapists, psychiatrists and occupational therapists, to support children with their therapeutic regimes.

Yoga is a gentle form of healing for the body, mind and spirit and can strengthen emotional resiliency for children affected by adverse life circumstances or trauma. It has been proven to be an effective form of therapy for decreasing anxiety, pain and depression, while increasing positive coping, self-induced feelings of relaxation and powers of concentration and attention.

Through these classes, children will gain physical and emotional strength while developing tools to improve the quality of their lives. Classes can be designed to foster developmental, preventative, therapeutic, and/or transformational aims.

Some of the common pediatric conditions yoga therapy can help with include:

-Asperger syndrome
-Eating disorder
-Post-traumatic stress disorder
-Sleep issues
-Sports injuries

Private Yoga Classes

One to one or in small groups

Yoga in Schools

To support education and well being

Therapeutic Yoga

As a complimentary therapy & for children with Special Needs

Family Yoga

Yoga for the whole family

Mindfulness Course

Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence

Online Classes

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