There is now a wealth of information available online and in books about yoga and yoga for children, but to help on your journey of discovery we have collected some useful resources for you here.

Research on the Benefits of Yoga & Mindfulness for Children

Research shows that children who practice yoga and mindfulness are better able to regulate their emotions, manage stress and calm themselves. As well as having fun, yoga improves children’s mental focus, resilience, imagination and self-belief, building a strong foundation to expand their confidence, become aware of their bodies, and learn new skills. Read more in the following articles:

Kaplan University School of Health Sciences: The Benefits of Yoga for Children

Harvard Medical School: Yoga Benefits Beyond the Mat

List of Research on the Benefits of Yoga and Meditation for Children, in Schools & Classrooms, and for Special Needs Children.

Books on Yoga for Children

Books on Meditation

Yoga Storytime Books